Monday, November 22, 2010

loo tapes is here!

loo tapes is the new vhs label started by rachael oflynn. collaborations with andrew scott young, nathan pruitt, and demons. more to come.

blue ribbon glee club- wall to wall cds

the blue ribbon glee club was getting ready to perform in nyc and we needed to print more cds. the recordings are from wall to wall, chicago, IL. they are made of ink printed with potato stamps, watercolor, and typewritten text from the smith corona.

mural at lamm rd studios, freeport, i. session two

andrew neher and i went to freeport with the intentions of finishing up the mural. we worked real hard all weekend. we took a break on friday to go to raven's grin inn. it was looking pretty great when we left though.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

found in the rubble

while i was cleaning the studio i found these unfinished gems. the first two were made during my travels in florida during janurary and february of 2010. the bird watercolor was made sometime after that in chicago.

unfinished head collage. mixed media on recycle paperboard.
janurary, 2010, florida

unfinished drawing. marker on recycled paperboard
january 2010, florida

bird watercolor on watercolor paper.
2010, siegler gallery, chicago