Wednesday, September 22, 2010

bus stories. volume 3

this project started because my friends and i would talk about how hilarious the "bus" is all the time. it was actually bryan's idea, but cory and i got drunk on gin and tonics one night and typed volume out, mostly. we collected stories of our own and from our friends of their experiences on the public transportation. most of them came in person with me in front of the good ole smith corona. some were transferred from email, others transcribed by cassette, one was told over phone. keep em comin'.

mini headdresses


design three, close up

design three

design two, close up

design two

design one, close up. BLING!

design one. BLING!

i don't know what inspired this, but it was fun to make some costumes. all recycled materials, of course. oh, and hey, it has nothing to do with the indians, its just fun.

cat painting

corrine came over and we made cat paintings. it was all too lovely. my was made of recycle computer case, stencil and marker pen.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

mural at lamm rd studios, freeport, il

i worked on a mural at lamm rd studios in freeport, IL. it is a farm in the country.

skateboard art show at the siegler gallery

the siegler gallery hosted a skateboard show that i showed a work in progress in. i found the skateboard on mulberry street in fort collins, co.

psychden at the siegler gallery

it had been quite a while since the siegler gallery hosted a show. this installation had been brewing.

it started with a baby pool and the big paintings i made. i turned them into walls.

the inside of the walls. i start hanging the recycled cds that i painted with stencil on the walls. some are even framed.

now, it is time for the air conditioner, a mere luxury these days.

i started adding the ceiling made up of every sheet, fabric scrap, and blanket in the house.

linda malonis came over and helped put up the walls. she brought a bag of ribbons she found.

we hung them from the baby pool in the corner.

next, joe came over and brought the lights. a dreammachine and some strobes to create a trippy effect.

there were amps and various instruments. during the opening there were two bottlecap contact mics to play with. sounds real good while attached to the slide projector.

the slide projector acted neat with the other lights as well as a quick glimse of slides. linda also brought her recycled tv art piece to create other lights.

for the opening, meester magpie played his set inside the installation. it was sweet.